Hinge Kit up to 20″ wheels


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Hinge Kit up to 20″ wheels Hinge kit for grease exhaust fans up to 20″ wheels. 12 GA Galvanized. Comes with two hinges, left and right, and self tapping sheet metal screws. Hinge has unique stopping feature that prevents the hinge from opening past a certain point. You can adjust the angle as needed. Make sure to install so that the grease drain aims down when the fan is tipped open. Also make sure that the electrical is long enough so that if the fan did tip all the way over that the electrical would be long enough. Made of heavy duty metal and designed to last for years and years. This simple hinge mounts to the side of the fan’s edge, then once positioned simply bolt the other part of the hinge directly to the stack. Then as the fan is tipped open, the hinge pivots on the bolt and stops against the plate mounted to the stack.