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Sundance Restaurant Services Niagara is a high-pressure wash company specializing in kitchen vent-a-hood exhaust systems cleaning and high- pressure wash.


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Sundance Restaurant Services is a high-pressure wash company specializing in kitchen vent-a-hood exhaust systems cleaning and high- pressure wash. We guarantee a professional cleaning of all fans, ducts, filters, fire suppression links, pipes and nozzles. Standard Service includes cleaning the interior of hood systems to bare metal and then providing a detailed polish of all stainless steel exposures.

Sundance Restaurant Services takes every precaution to cover and protect all exposed items in work areas and upon completion of service, have entire work area as spotless as, if not more than, when we came in. Floors are mopped throughout the work area after every cleaning.

Sundance Restaurant Services provides any service you may need in regards to pressure washing and hard floor maintenance. Our flexible and friendly crews will assist you in all your cleaning needs and give you valuable experienced based opinions and ideas.

Sundance Restaurant Services is one of the only companies actually certified and active members with the NFPA. First hand knowledge of new technology and code changes are priority to providing our customers with quality and professional service.

Sundance Restaurant Services is an authorized distributor of the specially designed and low cost Grease Filters. We provide Grease and A/C filters of all sizes and shapes at the lowest price.
Access Panels
Sundance Restaurant Services provides and installs access doors in ducts to facilitate the cleaning of areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Access panels enable us to do a complete job, allowing a “top-to-bottom” cleaning and ensuring that your system meets the NFPA 96 fire code.
Fan Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement
Sundance Restaurant Services provides maintenance on fan belts and cables. We repair and install fan motors, pulleys and ball bearings. Sundance Restaurant Services also provides new and used fans and their complete installation.
Fan Motor Compartment
The fan motor compartment contains the motor, electrical components, belts, pulleys and bearings. The use of water to this area is damaging. This area is located on top of the fan under a protective cover. Sundance does not clean this area for safety reasons, but we will inspect the compartment for your maintenance letter, letting you know if everything appears to be in proper working order.
Fan Grease Trap/Roof Protection
Sundance is an authorized distributor of several brands of grease trap/roof protection kits. Our trained technicians can install grease trap kits around fans on the roof to prevent grease overflow and leakage, causing damage to the roof’s surface. Over time, grease will erode rooftop surfaces, causing substantial damage and costly repairs.
Hinge Kits
Sundance Restaurant Services provides and installs hinge kits that attach to fans on the roof. This is required by NFPA 96 to ensure the fan can be lifted and tipped securely for proper cleaning of the fan blades and the ducts beneath the fan area. Hinge kits are required by the NFPA 96 for all upblast fans and greatly reduce the deterioration to fan motors, housing, and electrical wiring that can occur during the cleaning process.
Maintenance of Water-Wash Hoods
Sundance Restaurant Services provides periodic maintenance for all water-wash vent-a-hood exhaust systems. If needed, we provide the replenishment of the cleaning detergents used by these systems.
Kitchen Detail
We provide a comprehensive kitchen detail that includes a thorough cleaning of all appliances, floors, ceilings and walls.
Outside Maintenance:
Sidewalks, Dumpster Areas, Parking Lots, Rooftops, Driveways, Drive-Thrus, Front Entrance Areas, Signs, Awnings, and Graffiti Removal.

Sundance Restaurant Services provides outside maintenance by means of high heat, high-pressure wash using detergents safe to these types of surfaces. We take great pride in our company’s efforts and knowledge on legally and properly disposing of all wastewater. Realizing the ever-growing crisis of contaminated water supply, we use wet/dry vacuums to collect detergent waters and ensure proper disposal.

What We Clean!

    Drive Thur Pads
    All Restaurant Equipment
    Deep Fryers
    Food Processing Equipment
    Air Conditioner Coils
    Graffiti Removal
    All Types of Siding
    Hand Scrubbed and Sealed
    Concrete and Brick Restoration
    Loose Paint Removal
    Pre-paint Prep


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All Professional kitchen hood cleaning companies should supply you with a “Certificate of Performance.” NFPA codes require this Certificate to be posted near the hood, much like the tag on your fire system.